Thursday, March 26, 2009

AVR fuse programmer for MAC

Flashing MCUs or programming fuses in MAC doesn't have much GUI support except for the java based Burn-o-mat. Someone has really taken pain this time to make an open source cocoa based app for burning the AVR (old .NET based version also available). The good part is that he has tried to make the GUI exactly similar to the AVR studio fuse programmer. The software can be downloaded from:

During the setup it will ask for the path to avrdude. If you are using AVRMacPack, avrdude is a hidden file with path similar to :

Note: Please confirm the location before specifying the path. e.g. you can do so by right clicking the AVRMacPack manual in application folder and clicking show original.

If you are using prolific based USB to serial converter don't forget to install the driver. Interestingly, an open source driver is available for the same which performs better than the one provided by prolific. Its available at :

Below are some of the screen shots:

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